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Bra Size Chart Measurement Guide
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Asymmetric - Breast Shape Guide


Like many women, you have one breast that's larger than the other. A bra with removable padding will do the trick.

Side Set - Breast Shape Guide

Side Set

Your breasts point in opposite directions and there may be a large gap in your cleavage.
Since you tend to have a fuller breast size, a Plunge bra will help pull your breasts up and in.

Tear Drop - Breast Shape Guide

Tear Drop

Your breasts are round, but slightly less full at the top. Lucky for you, almost any bra style will work perfectly.

Athletic - Breast Shape Guide


Your breasts are wider, more muscular breasts, and often times with less tissue than most. 
A Push-Up bra will help you add curves to your bust.

Bell Shape - Breast Shape Guide

Bell Shape

Your breasts are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom. Because you tend to have a fuller bust, you need a bra with plenty of support and lift.

Relaxed - Breast Shape Guide


Your breast tissue is lax and your nipples point downward. A Push-Up bra provides added shape and support.

Round - Breast Shape Guide


Your breasts are just as round on top as they are on the bottom. An Unlined bra is likely the go-to choice in your lingerie drawer.

East West - Breast Shape Guide

East West

Your nipples point outward in opposite directions and there may be a large gap in your cleavage. A T-Shirt bra will help pull the breasts in, giving you a fuller shape and smooth silhouette.

Slender - Breast Shape Guide


Your breasts are smaller on top and are likely longer than wide. Your nipples may point downward, too. A Plunge bra with padding will give your breasts just the right amount of lift.