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Bra Size Chart Measurement Guide
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Slipping Straps

The more often you wear a bra, the more likely it is to stretch out over time. So, feel free to tighten the straps when the fit stops being as snug as you'd like. Depending how often you wear your bras, we typically recommend doing this every other month. If that doesn't fix your strap slipping problem, then you might want to consider a new bra style that adapts to your overall body shape better.

Wire Sitting on the Breasts

You want your bra to have a snug fit. When the fit is anything less than snug, it probably means it's time to go down to a smaller band size. Just remember that whenever you get a smaller band size, you need to go up one cup size larger. Here's a rule of thumb – or rather, two fingers: you'll know you've got the right band size when you can slip two fingers underneath the back band on the loosest hook. Your bra will stretch over time, so you want to make sure you can tighten it.

Straps Digging In

When your straps start digging into your shoulders, it's a sign that your bra band isn't giving you the support you need. This could be for one of two reasons: either your bra band is too big or you've worn your bra so much that it's stretched out to the point of no return. Just remember, when you go down to a smaller band size, you need to go up to a larger cup size. Also, for those of you with a D cup or larger, we recommend choosing a bra with narrower straps that are centered on your shoulders, ensuring that the weight of your breasts is evenly distributed.

Cup Gaping

This can be a common issue for many different breast shapes. If you find that your breasts are resting at the bottom of your cup and leaving nothing but air at the top, there are a few things you can do get the fit right. FIrst, try tightening your bra (you'd be surprised at how a little tightening can go a long way). If that doesn't work, try going down a cup size. However, sometimes it's less about the cup size and more about the bra style. Consider trying a Plunge or Push Up bra as the angled cups tend to be cut smaller to help your breasts fill in the cups more.

Side Overflow

No one likes feeling their breast spill out the side of the cup. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix. You either need to give your breasts more room by going up to a larger cup size or go down to a smaller band size (again, going up one size in the cup when you do) to make sure the wire supports your breasts properly.

Cup Overflow

Stop trying to squeeze too much breast into too little cup. They need room to breathe. No better time than now to size up to a bigger cup. Your breasts will thank you when you do!