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Should You Wear Underwear With Leggings: Exploring Comfort and Style

Leggings have steadily become an essential staple in many wardrobes over the past decade, with their versatility, simplicity and comfort making them an excellent choice for almost any occasion. Whether you want to dress them up at night or keep them lowkey for a gym visit or an early morning brunch with friends, no wardrobe is truly complete without a great pair of trusty, high quality women's leggings.

However - should you wear underwear with leggings? While there’s no definitive answer to this question (and it’ll mostly come down to personal preference) we’re going to explore both options in the blog below, so you can feel fully in command if you decide to go commando (well, half commando!). Let’s dive in.


Do You Wear Underwear with Leggings?

The simplest answer? It's largely a matter of personal preference. While some of us might swear by the comfort and added security of wearing underwear with our leggings, many others might want to fully take advantage of the no-VPL-finish, and keep their underwear in their closet.

But what’s the best option if you’re on the fence? Let’s explore the pros and cons.


Pros of Wearing Underwear with Leggings

  • Versatility with Sheer Fabrics: If you're donning leggings that are a bit see-through, underwear can help maintain modesty by preventing unintended reveals.
  • Enhanced Hygiene: Wearing underwear can offer an additional layer of protection, reducing direct sweat contact with the leggings, which can be particularly beneficial during workouts.
  • Added Support: Some may find that certain underwear styles provide additional support and comfort, especially during physical activities.
  • Increased Longevity of Leggings: Underwear can act as a barrier between your body and your leggings, reducing the amount of direct friction and wear on the leggings - this can potentially end up increasing their lifespan.
  • Personal Assurance: For many, wearing underwear provides peace of mind, especially during activities like yoga or pilates, where various poses might make one feel exposed without that extra layer.


Pros of Not Wearing Underwear with Leggings

  • Reduced Panty Lines: One of the primary reasons many opt for "no underwear with leggings" is to avoid visible panty lines, ensuring a sleek and smooth silhouette.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Without an additional layer, many find leggings to be more comfortable, allowing for unrestricted movement, especially in activities like dancing or high-intensity workouts.
  • Improved Breathability: Letting the skin breathe directly through the leggings can prevent excessive sweating and provide a feeling of lightness, especially in warm climates or during heated workouts.
  • Less Laundry: It might seem minor, but every piece of clothing that doesn’t need washing contributes to less water use, making it a slightly eco-friendlier choice.
  • Embracing Natural Form: Wearing leggings without underwear allows the body's natural shape to shine through, which can help in promoting body positivity and body confidence.

Another consideration to think about is the design and make of the leggings themselves; for instance, leggings with pockets for women can often provide added coverage and support that might render underwear redundant. However, if you do opt for underwear, it's essential to choose the right kind, ensuring you avoid common pitfalls such as visible panty lines or discomfort.


Best Underwear to Wear with Leggings

Seamless Underwear

The main issue many face when pairing underwear with leggings is the dreaded visible panty line (VPL). Seamless underwear is specifically designed to reduce or eliminate VPL, offering a smooth silhouette - regardless of how snug your leggings might be.



Another solution to the VPL conundrum is the classic thong! While not everyone finds them comfortable, thongs are undeniably effective at eliminating any lines, and can even give your butt a very slight lift! When wearing thongs under leggings, it’s usually best to opt for a cotton or moisture-wicking material; this will ensure optimal comfort during prolonged wear.



For those who prefer more coverage, boyshorts are a great alternative, offering a snug fit while still providing the protection and coverage of underwear. Just ensure that you opt for seamless boyshorts to optimize the aesthetic appeal with leggings and avoid those dreaded VPLs.


What to Avoid

When choosing underwear to wear with your leggings, steer clear of bulky designs or fabrics that bunch up, as these can be uncomfortable and visible, defeating the purpose of a sleek leggings outfit. While pretty, panties with a ruffle design or panties with jewel adornments might not be the best option for wearing under your favorite pair of leggings.

When planning legging outfit ideas, you’re also going to want to be wary of colors that may show through lighter-colored fabrics; opting for neutral tones or colors that match the leggings are usually going to be the safest bet.



Is it better to wear or not wear underwear with leggings?

While there isn't a definitive answer, the primary health consideration is breathability. Some argue that going without underwear allows the skin to breathe better, reducing the risk of infections. However, if you're wearing breathable, moisture-wicking underwear, this advantage is largely neutralized.


Do professionals recommend wearing underwear with leggings?

Many fitness professionals and fashion stylists advocate for wearing underwear for hygiene reasons, especially during workouts. However, it's ideal to opt for seamless, moisture-wicking options to combine comfort with hygiene.


What about sheer or light-colored leggings?

For sheer or light-colored leggings, wearing underwear might be preferable to avoid any unintentional see-through moments. In this case, nude or skin-tone underwear can be a discrete choice. At Felina, we offer an inclusive and wide-ranging selection of skin-toned underwear options that are perfect for wearing under leggings - take a look at our collection today!

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