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Perfect Pairing: 8 Shoes to Wear with Leggings

Women's leggings have solidified their place in the fashion realm as a versatile and comfortable choice for almost any occasion; from yoga sessions to coffee dates, they've transcended their athletic origins to become a staple in every woman's wardrobe. But the key to elevating this beloved garment lies in pairing it with the right footwear, so if you're musing over what shoes to wear with leggings, read on for a curated guide to ensure your leggings ensemble is always on point. Let’s take a look!



When you think of the best shoes to wear with leggings, sneakers inevitably come to mind; this pairing is the embodiment of casual chic, and is perfect for a sporty day where you might end up hiking, walking, or simply strolling along the beach boardwalk. Opting for sleek, minimalist sneakers in neutral shades like white, black, or beige is the best option when it comes to complementing leggings, although don’t be afraid of color if you’re wearing a bolder legging. Either way, whether you're heading to the gym or embarking on a day of errands, this combo promises both style and comfort - and if you want to maximize comfort-casual, opt for leggings with pockets for women and leave your handbag at home!


Ankle Boots

Ankle boots and leggings are a match made in fashion heaven; the boots' ending right at the ankle accentuates the leg's length, making it a favorite choice for any fashion-forward woman. Whether you're drawn to heeled booties for a night out or flat Chelsea boots for a day at the office, this pairing seamlessly bridges the gap between casual and sophisticated - not to mention being a gorgeous staple for fall weather.


Ballet Flats

For those days when you're aiming for an understated yet polished look, ballet flats are the go-to shoes for leggings. They’re a quintessential addition to any wardrobe, offering a touch of elegance to the otherwise sporty leggings. Neutral shades like beige, black, or navy are versatile choices, but don't shy away from a pop of color or a unique pattern to add some zest to your outfit. For fall outfits, pair with an oversize chunky sweater for ultimate cozy chic!


Over-the-Knee Boots

When considering shoes to wear with leggings in winter, over-the-knee boots undoubtedly stand out as a clear contender; over-the-knee boots not only provide an extra layer of warmth but also exude a chic, high-fashion vibe that wouldn’t feel out of place on the streets of Paris or London. Pair your leggings with suede over-the-knee boots, a chunky knit sweater, and a statement scarf for a cozy yet stylish winter ensemble.


Sandals and Slides

For summer months when the temperatures rise, you'll want a breezy option that keeps your feet cool while still maintaining that chic appeal: enter sandals and slides! These are not only incredibly comfortable but also versatile enough to complement any leggings ensemble, whether it be a bandeau top or an oversized t-shirt. Go for strappy gladiator sandals for a more edgy look or choose simplistic slides for those laid-back beach days. And for an evening out, embellished sandals can add just the right touch of glamor.



If you're heading to a more formal setting but still wish to rock your leggings, loafers are your best bet; these classic shoes offer a refined elegance, transforming your leggings into a business-appropriate attire without leaving you feeling overly dressed. For ultimate office chic, opt for leather or suede loafers in timeless shades like black or brown, and pair them with a tailored blazer for the boardroom.



While it might seem a bit unconventional, pairing heels with leggings can create a stunning outfit perfect for a night out or a fancy brunch. The trick lies in choosing the right kind of heels; strappy stilettos can elevate your leggings to date-night status, while chunky block heels offer stability and style in one package. Remember to keep your leggings sleek and preferably of a thicker material when pairing with heels for a more fluid, coherent look - although if you’re opting for a thinner material, don’t forget the right underwear to wear with your leggings!



For those who want the height of heels but not the strain on your soles, wedges serve as the perfect middle ground; they're one of the best shoes to wear with leggings when you desire a combination of comfort and style, and can be adapted both for colder and warmer temperatures. Whether you choose espadrille wedges for a summer outing or leather ones for a more polished fall or winter look, they're sure to complement your leggings perfectly.


The Bottom Line

Ultimately, choosing the right footwear can transform your leggings from a simple piece of clothing to a statement outfit - it’s all about finding the right shoe for the occasion! Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or simply stepping out for a quick coffee, there's a pairing for every event and season. And who says leggings only work in a casual setting? With boots, heels and wedges on the table, your leggings can be your office staple as well as your go-to for comfort on a night out.

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