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Velvety Super Soft Lightweight 2-pack

8 Reasons Why Millions of Women Love Felina Leggings

I’ll be the first to say it – I wear leggings way more often than I would like to admit: between work, the gym, even going out with friends, I wear leggings at least once a day and I’m definitely not the only one. Leggings have become the new jeans – you wear them anywhere, with anything, any time of the day. So, it only makes sense to ensure you have the best leggings for this kind of constant wear, like our Velvety Super Soft Lightweight Leggings or our brand new Sueded Athleisure leggings. I personally have both and think they’re some of the best all-around leggings I’ve ever owned. In case you need a little extra push, here are 8 reasons why millions of women have chosen Felina as their go to leggings. 

Velvety Super Soft Lightweight Legging Navy/Charcoal 2 Pack

 1. Unmatched Comfort

First off, and this should be the most important check point on any list, they’re SUPER comfortable. I mean INSANELY comfortable, so much so that you’ll forget you are wearing them on those long overnight flights or all-day road trips. Our Velvety Soft Leggings are made of a breathable and moisture wicking, soft peached like fabric with an elasticized waistband and high stretch capability for that extra level of relaxation. The Sueded Leggings offer an ultra-soft, suede like fabric and an elasticized, 4-way stretch slimming waistband perfect for some light tummy control. Both have a mid-rise silhouette for a perfect fit no matter how you move.


  2.  Affordable

We are not in the business of overcharging for a comfortable pair of leggings as we feel these are a necessity in any women’s wardrobe. High quality can come at a fair price that works for everyone and we’ve kept that in mind in our pricing model. Fortunately, both the Velvety Soft & Sueded Leggings are sold with the intent of saving you time and money at checkout, prices range from 2 pairs of leggings for only $25 up to 4 pairs for only $45 making these a must have!


   3. Versatile Seasonality (all year-round wear)

Another trait a lot of people look for when buying leggings is versatility – they don’t want something too thin, too thick, too sheer, too warm, etc. Our leggings are great year-round: you can wear them in the snow like Breanne did, or wear them on a nice sunny day while running errands like Nikki. I switch off both Velvety Soft and the Sueded Legging when working out, running errands, or even just for a comfortable piece to go out in. 


 4. Effortless Layering Capability

One of the great qualities about both our leggings is the ability to layer them with just about any kind of style. Whether you’re pairing it with a raincoat and boots like Jillian or an oversized puffer and statement backpack like Alondrea, you’ll look good and feel even better wearing these black leggings! We also offer several new colors in the Velvety Soft Leggings including Navy, Charcoal with Cranberry and Forest Green coming soon!


 5. Buy more save more w/ packs!

You didn’t think it could get better did you? Guess what: it just got better! Our Sueded Leggings come in a 2-pack, making them perfect for traveling! That’s not all - Velvety Soft Legging comes in a 2-pack & a 4-pack and another color-way, Navy/Charcoal, giving you the most bang for your buck!


 6. Customer Tested and Approved –

With having sold millions of our leggings to women all over the globe, our leggings are tried and true. If you’re still having some doubt, check out some of our reviews, they speak for themselves!

On Velvety Super Soft Legging:

“The best leggings I’ve ever worn! I love them so much. So comfy, don’t fall down and not see through! – Kaitlin C.”

“Love the way these feel, fit. and wash...wonderful!! – Nancy G.” 

“I love these leggings there not too thick so can be worn year-round, and so comfortable. – Julie L.”

On Sueded Athleisure Legging:

“I really love the fabric and feel of these tights/leggings. They are so comfortable and look great. They are just the right thicknesses and weight. Highly recommend! – Barbara G.”

“Wonderful form fitting leggings. Love them! – Robin O.”

“They are my go to pants. These leggings are so versatile. I have 6 pairs now. – Maureen S”


7. Performance Enhancing and Form Fitting

Whether you’re headed to the gym to do some light jogging on the treadmill or planning on spending some serious time in intense yoga sessions - our leggings are perfect for all your fitness needs. Using a special blend of polyester and spandex, our leggings remain breathable and moisture wicking while also letting you move around without restriction. We’ve ensured that you will be able to contort your body in these while staying dry and remain in control at all times. 



You’re still reading? Go out and buy our leggings!

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